2. International Congress on Food of Animal Origin

We are very excited to organize International Congress on Food of Animal Origin for the second time as the Department of Food Hygiene and Technology in Near East University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at Concorde Luxury Resort Hotel between 8-11 November 2018 in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Many scientists from different disciplines participated in our first congress, which was organized between 10-13 November 2016. Scientific and technological research is carried out with participants from veterinary faculties, food engineering departments, agriculture engineering departments, environmental engineering departments, nutrition and dietetics departments, gastronomy departments, fisheries faculties, vocational colleges as well as food related institutions and organizations. New scientific data was shared in these areas, problems were taken into consideration and solution proposals were produced.

The main objective of the Congress was to introduce the innovations and discussing problem and their solutions in this area, together with companies and researchers related to foods of animal origin. In the Congress at 2016, 67 oral and 99 poster presentations and also 8 invited presentations from Britain, United States of America, Germany, Italy and from Turkey, were presented.

“Knowledge is grown by sharing it”

We would be pleased to welcome our colleagues interested for the hygiene and technology of food from animal origin; working with both food industry and the relevant departments of universities and as well as public and private research units. We offer to share and update our knowledge according to developments in the technological field and to evaluate legislative changes, to share problems for finding solutions in a multidisciplinary manner, with the relevant congress topics in the perfect climate of Cyprus Island. We are looking forward to meet you in co-operative and productive atmosphere of the congress in North Cyprus.


With our best regards,

Prof. Dr. Canan HECER
Congress Chair

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Concorde Luxury Resort Hotel

Time Remaining to Congress

2018/11/08 00:00:00

Important Dates

Abstract and Full Paper Submission Deadline
15th October 2018
2. International Congress on Food of Animal Origin
November 08-11, 2018
Organization Secretariat

Barlas İnanç

+90 533 889 77 27